About Us

  • Precision Solutions & IMCO : provider of various comprehensive services related to mobile phone content and technology.

  • Precision Solutions & IMCO are one of the foremost telecom companies in Sudan and Saudi Arabia Precision Solution Founded in 2008 And IMCO Founded in 2012.leader provider of mobile phone content and technology.

  • Pioneers in new media products & services


Precision Solutions is a leading Value Added Service (VAS) provider in the Sudanese market with uninterrupted connectivity to all the three mobile operators in Sudan : Zain , Sudani , and MTN ( VAS) and IMCO provider in KSA ( Mobily, STC and Zain).

Sudanese Food Recipes Service(IVR)

التُكل هو المطبخ السوداني القديم وهي خدمه تفاعل صوتي

English Learn service VAS (IVR)

هي خدمه صوتيه تساعدك علي تطوير مهاراتك في اللغه الانجليزيه

alrsoul almualm service (IVR)

هي خدمه صوتيه تثقيفيه تثري معلومات بامور ديننا الحنيف

Sudanese RBT

Full library contain 1500+for Sudanese music

Islamic RBT

Full library conation 700+ local Islamic

What makes us unique?

  • Creativity

  • Value of money.

  • Reliability/Dependability.

  • Talented diversified staff.

  • Superior Customer Service.

  • Flexibility & Convenience.

  • Highest degree of proficiency.

  • Good planning and management.

  • Local and international market awareness.

Our objectives

We are to assist mobile operators and content providers to generate revenue from mobile contents and services.Our content conversion department regularly updates our media library in order to serve you better.

We are also exploring new opportunities into mobile applications development as the mobile broadband services have grown significantly over the last few years. We develop custom made cutting edge applications for android and IOS phones.

Our Vision:

To become the best in our field, with a commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

Achieving our customers’ goals, while maintaining the highest level of quality & service.