Projects we have worked on:

As mentioned before we specialize in both the VAS –Value Added Services-field as well as logistics providing us with a diversity of experience and a broader outlook on how to run a business , in addition to our well trained and experienced staff and an experience working on an international level.

VAS Projects:

1-MMS services :

Jokes and Caricature


2-SMS services :

Sport Services

Religious Services

Cultural Services

Entertainment Services


3-IVR services :






4-IVR Promotions :

Our voice prompts files are produced & mastered in our professional recording studio and are optimized for exceptionally smooth playback over any phone system. Delivered in the audio file format of your choice. Precision Solution offers the best in voice prompts recording.

• Produced in our in-house Professional Recording Studio

• Delivery in any Audio Format

• Guaranteed to your Satisfaction!


5-RBT Services :

Ring Back Tone is one of our services that provide telecom company subscribers with the opportunity to entertain their callers with by replacing the dial tone with a tone of their choosing.

A wide range of folklore and Islamic ring back tones, our library consists of .over 200 tones from all parts of Sudan of pure folklore and cultural nature and we have over 100,000 subscribers to this


6-Applications :

The increasing sophistication of smart phones makes us launch several mobile applications to different platforms.

We have many types of applications such as:

Islamic , Educational and Entertainment


Event Management Projects:

1-RMW-UK (Ridcal Middle Way Tour to Sudan events)

We had a one year contract that involved organizing three tours from A-Z  We created a temporary service to advertise for a conference for RMW(Radical Middle Way) an anti radicalism Islamic organization based in the UK. We also organized three tours of the country for three different groups of Islamic scholars, we took care of the visas, made travel arrangements, accommodation arrangements, and press conferences for the groups, as well as setting up lectures in several Sudanese universities and finally we organized a large conference for the groups.


2-“The Environment: A living being” (Event organizing):

A conference on the importance of environmental conservation in collaboration with the British Embassy -Sudan and AlIhsan Charity Organization , attended by over 1200 people in the Friendship hall-Khartoum. The conference was covered by two of the country’s widest viewed television stations –Blue Nile and Alshurouq-as well as several newspapers


3-Meet in Africa (Event organizing):

Meet in Africa was a conference for African leather product manufacturers that we organized on behalf of the Ministry of Industry .We handled the visas travel arrangements, accommodations ,transportation, as well as the preparations for the event as well as press coverage .We also organized tours of historic and tourist sites for the delegates.


4- Sudan 5th population Census (Logistics provider):

We were a major logistics provider for the UNFPA’s Monitoring and Observation Committee for the 5th Sudanese population census. In addition we also handled the visas travel arrangements, accommodations and transportation.


5-The Sammaniy Sufi Order’s honoring of the President (Event organizing):

We organized the vent from A-Z, from preparing the venue, printing and distributing the invitations, arranging the catering and making all the other necessary arrangements for the event.


6-Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) artifacts exhibition (Organizing):

We organized an exhibition for an Emirati business man who owns some artifacts that belonged to the prophet (PBUH) .The group consisted of 30 people .We handled the visas, travel arrangements, accommodations and transportation we also organized a press conference to advertise the importance of these artifacts then we organized several public exhibitions for them including one during the Moulid celebration in 2008.


7-Zain CPs workshop Sharm ElSheikh:

We fully organized the workshop for Zain Sudan and its content providers in Sharm AlSheikh. We handled the accommodations, ticketing and all the bookings.


8-British council workshop spoken word poetry and showcase Jan 2013:

The event was a weeklong workshop that was concluded with a showcase. We handled all the organization details for the work shop; including catering services, transportation allowance for the participants along with all the technical equipment needed for the showcase and the workshop.


9-British council Music workshops –Feb 2013:

Two consecutive workshops the by two different bands from outside the country, we provide the catering ,allowances for the participants and technical support for the first one and only catering and allowances for the second workshop


10-Media capacity building project launch March 2013:

The project was a joint venture between the British council and the British embassy in Khartoum as a means of elevating media performance in the country, the launch took place in the friendship hall’s presidential conference hall. We were responsible for all the preparations from the printable, designs, seating arrangements, catering and meeting the guest at the front door


11-Young business entrepreneurs March-April 2013:

These were two events that launched the Mashrou3i project-A project providing young with a chance to start their own businesses-we handled both events ,we were responsible for arranging the venue ,preparing and printing all the printed material for the campaign from files , flyer and posters all the way to billboards ,we also handled the distribution of flyers and poster for the project all around Khartoum state.


12-Khartoum state teacher’s graduation ceremony April 25th 2013:

This event was also for the British council, it was a graduation ceremony for 600 English teachers from the state of Khartoum. The event took place in the Friendship hall’s presidential hall, we managed the entire event , arranged the venue ,designed and printed materials(banners ,rollups, folders and flyers),managed the seating and catering along with the entertainment.


13-Press Conference held at Corinthia Hotel Mashrou3i :

We at precision Solutions organized this conference for the British Council ,it was providing young with chance to start their own business .This event was for the winner of Mashrou3i project it was very big press conference . This event took place in ((Corinthia Hotel)) we were responsible for arranging the venue, preparing and printing all the printed martial for the conference press ((banner, rollups, folders, flyers)).