VAS Projects:

Precision Solutions is a leading Value Added Service (VAS)
provider in the Sudanese market with uninterrupted connectivity
to all the three service providers like Zain, MTN and Sudani Precision
Solutions handles various inputs from Content Providers to Mobile
subscribers to channelize the requests.
We possess several features including Subscription Management,
Configuration Management, Operator Billing, Content management,
Scheduled/ On- demand Delivery and Monitoring and Reporting.
We offer for corporate and consumers the following services:

1-MMS services :

Jokes and Caricature


2-SMS services :

Sport Services

Religious Services

Cultural Services

Entertainment Services


3-IVR services :






4-RBT Services :

Ring Back Tone is one of our services that provide telecom company subscribers with the opportunity to entertain their callers with by replacing the dial tone with a tone of their choosing.

A wide range of folklore and Islamic ring back tones, our library consists of .over 200 tones from all parts of Sudan of pure folklore and cultural nature and we have over 100,000 subscribers to this


5-Applications :

The increasing sophistication of smart phones makes us launch several mobile applications to different platforms.

We have many types of applications such as:

Islamic , Educational and Entertainment